Kabuken: Japanese word meaning stock certificate (kabu = stock, ken = certificate)
There are different ways to obtain stock certificate, all with some benefits and limitations. Find out which method fits best with your needs.
Find out which company is being considered for spin-off, which companies are going through merger, and which company announced a split.
See the design of over 100 stock certificates in
Go to Certificate Gallery
Some companies do not issue stock certificate.
See List of Companies to find out!
TradingSolutions: Financial analysis and investment software that combines technical analysis with neural network and genetic algorithms.
Dividend Reinvestment Plan and Direct Stock Purchase Plan
List of companies that offer Dividend Reinvestment Plan or Direct Purchase Plan
List of Transfer Agents
Having an access to transfer agent's account makes shareholder's life easier.
Find stocks that meets your gift giving needs
Selection of stocks in different categories. Hope it can assist in picking a certificate.
Useful websites for stock investment
List of websites that are useful in gathering information related to the stock market.
Learn about products, services and investment information of your favorite companies.
Annual Report Gallery
See how each company design their annual reports with their logos and photos.
Shareholder Perks
Pictures of shareholder perks that some companies sent to us in the past.
List of Private Companies
Stock certificate of some companies are not available since they are private companies.
Gift Form
Helpful information for new shareholders. Nice addition to the gift of stock certificate.
List of stores, brokers and transfer agents, where you can buy stock certificate for yourself or as a gift. Some stores sell antique stock certificate for scripophily, while others are only for the companies that are currenly traded in US stock exchange. Please also visit Ways to Buy Stock Certificate to find out which place best meet your needs.
List of frequently asked questions and their answers related to buying and owning a stock certificate.
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