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Many food manufactures developed recipes using their products, and even some restaurants have recipes available on their websites.
Boston Beer (must be of legal alcohol drinking age to enter)
Samuel Adams Beer (top right menu under "Food and Beer", under "Cooking with Sam")   Food recipes using beer.
Campbell Soup Company brand products (also see specialty collection)   Campbell products such as soup, bread, pastry, sauces, broth, cooked chicken, salsa, and juice.
Campbell Foodservice   Canned and frozen soups.
Pace Sauce   Salsa
Pepperidge Farm all products   Bread, crackers, puff pastry
Pepperidge Farm puff pastry   Puff pastry
Prego Italian Sauce   Tomato sauce
Swanson broth   Chicken, beef and vegetable broth
Swanson chicken   Cooked chicken
V8 juice   Vegetable and fruit juice
V8 soup   Soup
Coca-Cola Company brand products   Varieties of beverages such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice, and sports drink.
Diet Coke Diet cola
Minute Maid Fruit drinks
Odwalla (middle of the page "Recipes") Fruit drinks
ConAgra Foods brand products   ConAgra products such as egg replacement, spread, sausages, canned sauces, and popcorn
Egg Beaters   Egg replacement
Hebrew National   Deli meats, sausages, mustard and sauerkraut that are made according to Kosher standard.
Hunt's   Canned tomatoes such as whole, crushed, paste, sauce and puree.
Orville Redenbacher   Popcorn
PAM   Cooking spray
Manwich Sloppy Joe   Sloppy Joe sauce
Reddi Whip   Whipped cream
Parkay   Non-butter spread
Peter Pan   Peanut butter
ACT II   Popcorn
Wolf   Chili
Blue Bonnet   Non-butter spread
ALEXIA   Prepared frozen products
Wesson   Vegetable oil
La Choy   Asian food and ingredients
Ro*Tel   Tomato and chili mix, and Queso dip
Fleischmann's   Non-butter spread
Snack Pack   Pudding and gel snack
Start Making Choices   Website to promote healthy eating.
Bahama Breeze   Caribbean food
Olive Garden   Italian food
Red Lobster (bottom right of the page "Our Recipe Box")   Seafood
Berkeley Farms   Dairy products (such as milk, yogurt and sour cream), creamer, juice, egg nog, ice cream
Broughton Foods   Milk, juice, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream and sherbet
Brown's Dairy   Milk, cream, juice
Country Fresh   Milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, juice, dip
Creamland   Dairy products (such as milk, cream, cottage cheese), dip, ice cream
Dairy Ease   Lactose free milk
Dean's   Dairy products (such as milk, cream, cottage cheese), dip, ice cream
Friendship Dairies   cottage and farmer cheese, sour cream, buttermilk,
Gandy's   Milk, cream, creamer, ice cream, dip, cottage cheese, sour cream
Garelick Farms   Milk, cream, juice and tea
Horizon Organic   Organic dairy products (such as milk, cheese, cream, butter)
International Delight   Coffee creamer
LAND O LAKE   Milk, cream, juice, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream
Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms   Milk, cream, juice
Louis Trauth   Milk, cream, cottage cheese, ice cream
Mayfield Dairy (bottom menu "Recipe of the Month")   Milk, ice cream, fruit punch, juice, dip, egg nog, cream, dip, cottage cheese, sour cream
McArthur Dairy   Milk, ice cream
Meadow Brook Dairy   Milk, juice, dip, cottage cheese, sour cream
Meadown Gold - Hawaii   Milk, ice cream, juice
Mountain High Yoghurt   Yogurt
Oak Farm Dairy (top right of menu "Recipes")   Milk, cream, juice, ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream
PET Dairy   Ice Cream, milk, cream, cottage cheese, dip, juice
Purity Dairies   Milk, cottage cheese, dip, cream, juice, tea, ice cream
Rachel's Organic   Organic yogurt, ice cream, milk, cream, butter
Reiter Dairy   Milk, juice, dip, cottage cheese, sour cream
Schepps Dairy   Milk, cream, juice, ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream
Silk Soymilk   Soy milk, soy yogurt, soy creamer
Tuscan Dairy   Milk, cream
Diageo (must be of legal alcohol drinking age to enter)
Baileys   Liqueur (cocktail recipe)
the bar.com (top menu "Drinks")   Cocktail recipes using alcoholic beverages
Captain Morgan   Rum (cocktail recipe)
Gordon's Gin (menu at the bottom of the page)   Gin (cocktail recipe)
Guinness (bottom of the page)   Beer (cocktail recipe)
Smirnoff (bottom menu "Recipes")   Vodka (cocktail recipe)
Sterling Vineyards   Food recipes using wine
Betty Crocker (to find recipe by General Mills product, click here)   General Mills products including Betty Crocker (cake, brownie, cookie, muffin, gratin mixes), Green Giant (vegetables), Bisquick (pancake mix), Old El Paso (Mexican food), Progresso (soup), General Mills (cereal) and Suddenly Salas (salad mix)
Cascadian Farm   Organic cereals, frozen fruits and vegetables, fruit spread, juice concentrate, and relish
Cheerios   Cereal
Chex   Rice, corn, wheat or multi-bran snacks
Colombo   Yogurt
Muir Glen   Organic tomato products such as sauce, salsa, paste and puree
Pillsbury   Frozen bread, pastries, biscuit, pizza crust, and cookie dough
Yoplait   Yogurt
Heinz brand products   Heinz products such as sauces, frozen potatoes, pasta, and ketchup
A1 Steak Sauce   Steak sauce (Canada)
Amoy   Ingredients for Asian food such as noodles, sauces and vegetables (United Kingdom)
Catelli (left menu "Recipe Corner")   Pasta and sauce (Canada)
Classico   Sauce
Food in a Minute   Website for quick meal recipes (New Zealand)
Greenseas   Tuna (Australia)
Heinz   Heinz Australia's products such as beans, tuna, canned meat, pasta, sauce, frozen fruit and vegetables (Australia)
Heinz   Heinz UK's products such as baby food, beans, salad cream, soup, spaghetti, and ketchup (United Kingdom)
Heinz & farley's Tiny Tums   Baby food (United Kingdom)
Heinz Beans   Beans (Canada)
Heinz Chili Sauce   Chili sauce
Heinz Cocktail Sauce   Cocktail sauce
Heinz for Baby   Baby food (Australia)
Heinz Gravy   Gravy
Heinz it Up!   Heinz Canada's products such as ketchup and sauces, tomato juice, gravy and beans (Canada)
Heinz Ketchup (left menu "Recipes")   Ketchup (United Kingdom)
Heinz Nurture   Toddler food (Australia)
Heinz Salad Cream   Salad Cream (United Kingdom)
Heinz Soup   Soup (United Kingdom)
Heinz Vinegar   Vineger
HP Sauce   Sauce (Canada)
HP Sauce (left menu "recipes")   Sauce (United Kingdom)
Jack Daniel's Sauce   Sauce
Lea & Perrins   Sauce
Lea & Perrins   Sauce (Canada)
Mr. Yoshida's   Sauce
Nancy's   Prepared frozen food such as appetizer, entree and dessert
Ore-Ida   Frozen potato products
Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash   Frozen Potatoes
Poppers   Frozen fried products
Wattie's for Baby   Baby food (New Zealand)
Wyler's   Flavored Bouillon and broth
Hershey brand products   Chocolate, cocoa, syrup, coconut, peanut butter
Kellogg brand products   Kellogg products such as cereal and crackers
All-Bran   Cereal and crackers
Carr's   Crackers
Keebler   Cookies, crackers, ice cream cups, and pie crust
Morning Star Farm   Prepared vegetarian foods.
Murray   Cookie and cracker
Ready Crust   Pie crust
Rice Krispies   Rice crispy
snackpicks.com   Snack related website.
Worthington   Canned and frozen vegetarian foods.
Kraft Foods Kraft Foods brand products such as cheese, crackers, cheese, condiments and cookie
A1 Steak Sauce   Steak sauce
Breakstone's   Cottage cheese and sour cream
Cool Whip   Whipped cream
General Foods International Coffee
Gevalia   Coffee and tea
Grey Poupon   Mustard
Jell-O   Gelatin snack
Knudsen   Cottage cheese and sour cream
Kraft Foods   Kraft Foods Australia's products such as biscuits, cheese, sauce, and cookie (Australia)
Kraft Foods Kraft Foods Canada's products as crackers, cheese, sauce and cookie (Canada)
Miracle Whip Dressing
Nabisco Cookies and crackers such as Oreo, Ritz, Nilla and Triscuit
Philadelphia Cream cheese (Canada)
Philadelphia Cream cheese (United Kingdom)
Planters Peanuts and nuts
Polly-O Italian cheese
South Beach Living (top menu "Recipes") South Beach Diet
Stove Top (bottom menu "Mix-In Ideas", "Hearty Meals", or "Leftover Ideas") Stuffing mix
Velveeta (menu on the left side of the page) Cheese
LifeWay brand products LifeWay products such as Kefir and farmers cheese
McCormick brand products McCormick products such as seasoning mix, spices, extracts and gravy
McCormick Gourmet McCormick products such as seasoning mix, spices, extracts and gravy
Nestle brand products Nestle brand products such as seasoning mix, chocolate and tea
Perrier (bottom of the page "Perrier Drink Recipes!") Sparkling mineral water
Nesquik (under "Discover Other Great Ways to Enjoy NESQUIK") Chocolate drink mix
Maggi Seasonings (New Zealand)
Nescafe Instant coffee
Nestle Nestle New Zealand's products such as seasonings and chocolate
Nestle Professional Nestle foodservice products such as seasonings and tea
Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe   Bread, soup, salad, desserts, and sandwiches
Aunt Jemima Pancake mix and syrup
Diet Drink Recipes Mixed drink recipes using diet carbonated beverages
Fritos Corn chips
IZZE Sparkling juice
Quaker Living Proof Oatmeal
Quaker Oats products Quaker Oats products such as cereal and oatmeal
Quaker Rice Cake Rice cake
Rice -A-Roni/Pasta Roni Seasoned rice/pasta mix
Tostitos Tortilla chips, salsa and dip
Bryan Foods Hot dog
EarthGrains Stone ground whole wheat bread
Emerill's Gourmet Meats Sausage
Gallo Salame Salame
Hillshire Farm Sausage and ham
Jimmy Dean Sausage and bacon
Sara Lee Bread, deli meat, cheese, cakes, pies, and sweet rolls
Sara Lee Foodservice Coffee, tea, meat, bread, pastries, and cakes
Tootsie Roll products Tootsie Roll products such as chocolate, peppermint, and tootsie roll
Bacel Margarines and oil (Canada)
Ben & Jerry's Ice cream
Bertolli Pasta
Breyers Ice cream
Country Crock Non-butter spread
Hellmann's Mayonnaise
Knorr Bouillon, sauce, gravy and seasoning mix
Lipton tea
Ragu Pasta sauce
Unilever Soup, dip and pasta
Unilever Foodsolution Unilever foodservice products such as seasoning mix, sauce, mayonnaise and tea
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing
Cook-Off Winners   White Castle hamburgers



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