Kabuken means "stock certificate" in Japanese
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It all began when our founder received a stock certificate of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company as a gift.

Up until then, he viewed stock as a way to make money through stock trading. Trading, as the word suggests, buying and selling stocks, so he can make some profit out of it. He never thought about becoming a long term shareholder of some company. But there he was, suddenly a shareholder. And with the stock certificate, and especially it being a gift, he didn't want to just sell it for a small profit.

So he became a shareholder. And surprising thing was, being a shareholder was quite nice. Actually, it gave him much more joy than he had expected. First of all, he liked how the stock certificate looked on his wall. It was a nice decoration as is, but also liked the fact that the certificate proves that he is a shareholder of that famous Wrigly! He also liked that the company sent him Annual Report to tell him how it was doing, and every time he bought a pack of Wrigly gums, he felt like he was contributing to the company that he has a share in. They even sent him a box of gums every Christmas season!!!

He enjoyed being a shareholder so much that he created Kabuken Cafe to spread the joy of becoming a shareholder - the feeling of being a part of your favorite company. So he can share the knowledges and experiences he gained over the years of being a shareholder.

Whether you are looking for stock certificate to become a shareholder yourself, need a unique gift for your family and friends, or just need a nice decoration on your wall, we hope the information in our website will be a useful tool for you to start the journey of owning a stock certificate.

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