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The issue is not what you are saying, but the way.
- Fortune cookie that I ate yesterday

When I saw the above message on a piece of paper that came out of my fortune cookie, I was so stunned that all I could say was, "... Excuse me?". You see, I like my fortune cookie to tell me a fortune, so I don't even care for a wisdom, much less a lecture. True, some "fortunes" from a cookie in a past turned out to be more like a misfortune than a fortune, so it could be worse, but still... "Who would write this?", I thought. Well, I know it was someone from a company that makes fortune cookies, but then, who makes fortune cookies?

No, I wasn't planning to write an angry letter to the manufacturer. I just thought it would be an interesting addition to our stock certificate collection. After all, Chinese restaurants in US have been serving fortune cookies for a long time (fortune cookies were first introduced in California around early 1900s), and lots of people look forward to be entertained by a piece of paper from a cookie at the end of their meal (well, at least I do). And wouldn't it be nice to have a stock certificate with a picture of a fortune cookie on it? Maybe a company slogan is printed on a piece of rectangular paper and sticking out from the cookie. How cute is that!

My imagination went wild for a while as I searched for fortune cookie manufacturers, but much to my disappointment, I couldn't find a publicly traded company that makes fortune cookies (that, unfortunatelly,

means there is no stock certificate with a picture of a fortune cookie...). Well, I didn't totally waste my time during the search though. I realized that there are number of fortune cookie manufacturers in the US, and many of them offer different flavors, sizes, and wrapping options, as well as custom made cookies. "What does that mean?", you may ask. Well, that means, a whole new opportunity for unique ways to give stock certificate!

That's right. a new way to give a gift of stock certificate. Sure, giving a stock certificate as a gift itself is unique, but it is always a good idea to strive for a higher level of uniquness in the art of gift giving, right? ... Of course, it is. So here are some gift giving ideas with fortune cookies:

Instead of giving a gift card with a stock certificate, give a fortune cookie with your message in it. The recipient can even frame it with the stock certificate.
Custom design the wrapper. The wrapper can be framed along with the certificate and the message.
Customize the cookie to match an occasion or a taste of the recipient (e.g. holiday decoration, favorite flavor of the recipient).
Instead of a message, write a clue inside the cookie to tell where the gift is. This works well with a treasure hunting game at the party.
Giant fortune cookie as a main attraction at the party. You can even break it like a penata!
Break your message down into multiple parts and print them separately in the different fortune cookies. Then the recipient or guests at the party can put it together like a puzzle.
Print different numbers on the message (like lucky numbers in the real fortune cookie), then use it as a lottery at the party.

These ideas add extra touch to the gift - to tell the recipients how special they are, and to let them know that you care about them so much that you went extra miles to make the occasion extra special.

I guess the fortune cookie had a good point after all. What you say is one thing, but how you say it makes the difference. And according to the cookie, there is a problem in the way I'm saying... I hope I can make it right with the fortune cookie gift idea at my next gift giving occasion.

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