Kabuken means "stock certificate" in Japanese
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Shareholder Perk Gallery
Some companies send out a gift or coupons to their shareholders. The give away of such shareholder perks are not guaranteed, and can be discontinued (or start, in that matter) any time.
Boston Beer - baseball cap with Samuel Adams logoBoston Beer - baseball cap with "owner"
Boston Beer's gift with "Samuel Adams" logo on it.
Build-A-Bear Workshop - gift card

Five dollar gift card was attached to their annual report.

Starbucks - gift card
Starbucks - gift card holderStarbucks - gift card
Starbucks used to send a gift card with "Shareholder Special Edition" written on it.
Wrigley - a box of gum
Wrigley - a box of gum
Prior to the merger with Mars, Inc. in 2008, Wrigley had an annual tradition of sending a box of gums.
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